USB2SDR + ghpsdr3 = Great SDR system for Linux

usb2sdrI have recently done some development work to extend the ‘Ghpsdr3-alex’ project software, so that it supports the USB2SDR board. This board (DSP codec for SDR) is designed by Christos Nikolaou (SV1EIA) .

What you can see here, is a small demo of QtRadio and ghpsdr3-alex (on Ubuntu 10.04) with the USB2SDR board connected to a SoftRock Ensemble RXTX, receiving IQ signals at a sample rate of 96KHz. The board is connected via USB2.0 with the linux box.
Strange as it can be, while doing my initial trials, I happened to hear my friend SV1JGW having a qso with DL/SP4ELN on the band.. 😉


Here are some links to information about the project’s components

USB2SDR board

Alex Lee’s ghpsdr3-alex project. A branch of Ghpsdr3 project by John Melton

John Melton’s ghpsdr3 excellent Software Defined Radio (SDR) software.
This is the base project for all the other projects that I mentioned.

Softrock ensemble RXTX SDR transceiver

For anyone who owns a USB2SDR board and a softrock ensemble RXTX transceiver, and wishes to test it with ghpsdr3-alex project under Linux, here is a tarball of my work under development.


A softrock Ensemble RXTX transceiver connected with USB cable to the linux box

A USB2SDR board connected with USB cable to the linux box.

A stereo audio cable should connect the LineIn socket of the Softrock, to the StereoIn socket of the USB2SDR (transceiver side).

Ubuntu 10.04LTS


At the moment, this is a beta version of the project.  The tarball contains a test version of the whole thing, and support for all other hardware except USB2SDR is suspended.  Please understand that this is a temporary solution for publishing my work.  Soon, I will release a proper source code, that will include the USB2SDR functionality as a extension to the great ghpsdr3-alex project.

Please also note that in order for this project to work, you have to first test the USB2SDR board

with PowerSDR (under Windows) and make sure that during the test, you select a samplerate of

96KHz for the USB2SDR board.  This setting will be written in the USB2SDR internal memory, and hence the board will default to this samplerate when it is used with ghpsdr3-alex-USB2SDR project.

In the final source code for the project, you will have a proper switch for changing the sample rate of the board.

To use this tarball, you will have to do the following actions

  1. Download it and save it in any folder.
  2. uncompress it with the following command

tar zxvf ghpsdr3-alex-USB2SDR.tar.gz

This will create a new folder and will uncompress the contents of the tarball inside.

Read the documentation files of the project to understand how you will install the software

to your system.

Once the installation is complete:

Execute the softrock server by issuing the following command

./softrock –si570 –samplerate 96000

On another terminal execute

dspserver –lo 9000

On a third terminal execute the QtRadio application


You should now have a working system and you should be able to tune around and listen to stations.

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