the strange red icon in DJ-MD5

I will start by saying this: I always “RTFM” . Always! I am the one that first reads the manual, then fully unboxes the toy.

And this habit entitles me to be frank when it comes to a badly written user manual. This is the case with the user manual of the handheld shown below. Dont get me wrong, I love this radio and I respect the amount of engineering that went to its development. Thing is, I spent like half an hour trying to find out what is the case with this little red ‘A’ displayed at the top right of the screen… To no avail… The user manual wont say a thing, and a quick search on the net did not gave me the answer.

Enough with the rant, let me tell you what it is 🙂 It is just an indicator that you have enabled the APO (Auto Power Off) timer. This is the 6th item in the Radio Settings menu. Thats all folks.

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