Migrating from Fusion360 to Freecad

I’ve been using Fusion360 for a few years and was very happy with it. As a hobbyist I had all the necessary tools to create objects and 3D print them. Lately Autodesk announced some changes for the free version of Fusion360. They removed some features and moved them to the paid version only. Initially I was not very concerned about it but after looking closely I discovered that it is not possible to create PDF documents for my drawings. Ok, this sucks. Time to move on and invest some time on another tool. I will reconsider Fusion360 for professional use in the future…

Freecad v0.19 it is! I dont want to go into many details about Fusion alternatives. The internet is full of stories, thoughts, reviews etc. After investigating the matter for a couple of evenings I decided to learn how to use Freecad. To keep this post short I will write about my progress in the following weeks. Stay tuned.

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