The CW keys I like to use

J-37 Straight key


This is the first key I used when I begun learning the code.  The image is taken from the internet and has been put here as a place holder.  I will soon exchange it with a picture of my own key

M-P 817


An amazing little dual paddle key.  After a lot of research for a durable small key that would fit my FT-817 for portable operations, I decided to go for the MP817 from Palm Radio.  It is one of the most enjoyable keys to operate.  Precise, light, and with great magnetic grip on the top of the FT-817.  A recommended buy for /P operators.

P-2 from K8RA


A very finely crafted iambic dual paddle key.  K8RA manufactures those with precise engineering, and the result is fantastic.  This model is heavy enough to stay fixed on the table while operating.  Gaps and springs (magnets) are adjustable and the user can set the key according to his/her needs.

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