What is it?

This instrument is a useful tool for those who do not own an expensive RF signal generator. It is a battey powered comb generator producing RF signals from 100KHz up to 1.5GHz. The emitted spectrum is full of 100KHz spaced signals (hence a comb). The output of this generator can be used to measure the response of RF filters, check the performance of analog or SDR receivers, adjust the S-meter of a transceiver and produce reference signals (signal standard) for use in the professional RF lab or Ham radio shack to conduct experiments. CG-1 is also used in EMC labs as a generator of calibrated signals (frequency/power reference standard).

Why did you make it?

To address the need for a low cost generator to produce signals of known frequency/power in the lab. With this little instrument I offer a trusty reference signal generator at a fraction of the cost of synthesized frequency generators. This unit is useful for testing radios, communication receivers, characterize filters, check response of SDR (software defined radios).

What makes it special?

Apart from the wide spectrum emitted from its output (0.1MHz to 1.5GHz), I have chosen 16 signals whose frequency falls within ham radio and broadcast radio bands. For those signals, a calibration table is offered indicating their frequency and power precisely (+- 1.5dBm). Any of these signals can be used as a reference for comparison against or for communication equipment calibration work.

To download the instrument's user manual click here