NanoVNA H4 plastic desktop base

This is a practical 3D printed plastic base for the famous NanoVNA-H4 network analyzer.   It was designed to improve the ergonomics and viewing angle of this instrument.  Most of the times we need to have the instrument facing towards us on the desk instead of lying down flat.



The material is black PLA with glitter and the base feels heavy enough at 95gr.  It is designed by JEL and has the JEL logo embossed at the front side.  There is a hole designed to be used as a storage space for small coaxial cables.  The surface at the bottom side features a raft pattern to avoid slipping on the desk while the user interacts with the instrument touch screen.

Note: The NanoVNA-H4 instrument is not included in this sale.

Due to the 3d printed nature of this product, there may be minor blemishes in the finish of the object.  This is not an injected plastic part.  It is a fine layered 3D printed part that takes a substantial time to be made.  We carefully inspect each finished base for major defects before shipping but we cannot always guarantee a perfect part under the magnifying glass. 


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