Mini pallet system for work holding

Mini pallet for small work holding


  • A simple platform (pallet) to help you clamp down small parts for (CNC or manual) machining in your router or small mill.
  • A precision machined platform for laser engraving machines to help you mounting your work pieces
  • Multiple ways of attaching this pallet to your mill or laser table
  • A solution to quickly level your work piece with respect to the machine head
  • Adjustable clamps to hold your workpiece down and at the same time stay out of the way of the spindle
  • Some way of having pins to register your work piece against them


Can you have all those thing and some more?   

The answer is yes, with our newly design mini pallet system for small work holding. 



This is a tool that was designed to aid our production process of small parts for RF blocks machining.  After using it for quite some time

and having made a few of these for a number of people that saw it and liked it, we decided to offer it as a solution

for owners of small CNC or manual mill machines.   The versatility of this mini pallet is undoubtful.  It will reliably hold down small parts

and let you machine/(engrave/process with laser) them giving you a solution that would otherwise take a lot of time to come up with.


Our mini pallet can be mounted with two different ways on your mill table.

The first way is to use a vise and clamp down the pallet.

The size of the pallet is 150x150mm x20mm height.  The bottom side is machined so that it can be clamped with a vise of ~105mm opening.

If a the vise is not an option, you can use M6 bolts to clamp it down on the mill table.

We make the pallet with or without mounting holes and this is something you can ask for while ordering a pallet.

You can use M6 allen set screws as pins of the pallet holes to create registering points for your work piece.  This is very helpful for production work. 

The mini pallet is made of 6061 aluminum and the adjustable tow clamps are made of bronze. 

The pallet, clamps and hardware can be ordered separately according to your needs.


 Our mini pallet has a lead time of 1 week upon production.  It is a special product for us and we make it on order. 

You may place an order here at our eshop