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Wideband RF amplifier block

This is a wideband 23dB gain block which can be used in almost every radio frequency system.  The module shown below is suitable for frequencies DC to 3GHz.  The typical gain is 23dB with a NF 2.7 to 3dB (depending on frequency).  Output power at 1dB compression point is 10 to 12dBm.  

Note that this module is not an Asian import.  The module is exclusively design in Europe in our laboratory.  The aluminum enclosure is manufactured in the workshop with on the CNC mill.

The image below is just a sample product design for a customer to be used in a specific application.


RF filter blocks

JEL develops and produces RF filter blocks for a variety of applications in Radio Amateur, Industry or Defense sector.

There are some existing designs, available as products in our electronic shop.  If there is a need for a specific filter we can discuss designing according to given specifications to suit your application.

At the moment we have a range of low pass, high pass and band pass filters for specific applications covering some common Radio amateur needs.

To name a few, we have filters for Broadcast Station rejection (analog,DAB) , Air band High Pass, 2m/70cm Band pass, ISM (433MHz) Band pass etc.


 All of our filters are tested for performance and they feature an aluminum enclosure with SMA connectors.  Depending on the application we can design a custom enclosure in our workshop to house the RF filter PCB and attach required RF connectors.




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  • Electronics Schematic/PCB Design services (Σχεδίαση πλακετών και ηλεκτρονικών συστημάτων)
  • CNC Machining of prototypes services   (Επεξεργασίες με CNC )
  • 3D Mechanical Design / 3D printing services (3D σχεδιάσεις και εκτυπώσεις)


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  This website provides detailed information about our products and services.

There is a separate e-Shop website were you can order online if needed.

In this website you can find detailed product specifications, documentation, support and development news.


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