CG-1 Comb Generator 100KHz to 1.5GHz

Why a Comb Generator? 

Because with a comb generator you can do a variety of tests in your lab!


Our successful CG-1 comb generator has been a success in the ham radio applications. For the ones that do not know what the CG-1 generator is capable for, I will give a really quick guide. It is a precision instrument (tool) that generates frequency signals every 100KHz. These signals span from 100KHz up to about 1.5GHz. Now, there are sixteen specific signals emitted from the generator that fall in the most popular ham radio bands. These signals are precisely measured in our labs and their frequency and amplitude is printed on the enclosure of the instrument. So this instrument can be used as a golden standard, as a reference to make observations, to calibrate receivers, to measure the insertion loss of filters and basically have a number of calibrated reference signals in your lab at fraction of the cost of a $$$$ RF signal generator.

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