System development, integration and prototyping

JEL can undertake the development, prototyping and manufacturing of your desired electronic system. 

We can help you realize the mechanical design, the electronics and the overall system integration.  Our services include the following:


1) Mechanical design of systems

Design and visualization of the system.  We always start by making a proper drawing and 3D assemblies of the desired system.


2) Prototype parts (3D printed plastic parts, CNC parts made in our toolroom, custom enclosures for electronics)

We can design & deliver mechanical parts as prototypes but also deliver them to our customers in small or large quantities with CNC production.  Please contact us for discussing tolerances and details of your needs.



3) Schematic and PCB design of electronic systems

We can undertake the production of assembled PCBs and discuss your testing needs in this phase of production.



4) Testing of systems against specifications

During production of electronics, it is necessary to have some tools to test the products.  This is a Quality Check that ensures that every units works as intendent before it goes out to your customer.

We can help you develop the test-plan and necessary fixtures to properly test your products during production.



5) Software engineering for custom solutions. 

We can undertake the development of software (either embedded or applications level) to suit your needs.


Contact us to discuss your application: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.