Help and FAQ

Help & FAQ

If you're looking for information about an aspect of JEL service, chances are it'll be on this page. All of the most common questions are answered in some form below, but if you need more specific information, please contact us here : sales at jel dot gr 

  1. How to Pay
  2. Currencies
  3. Credit
  4. VAT Registration and Exemption
  5. FAQ


How to Pay for Your Orders



The base currency of our store is EURO, but customers may display prices in EUR or USD. At final payment, all amounts paid must be in EURO. Exchange rates for USD and EUR are regularly updated.



We are unable to accept Credit at the moment.


VAT Registration and Exemption 

VAT is charged on all purchases at the current standard GR rate by default. If you're a Non-GR VAT registered business based within the EU economic area you can avoid paying VAT on your purchase with us by contacting us directly having created an account on our website. The process is not automatic. If we can verify that your VAT number is current and valid, we will update your account so that VAT will be removed from your final total before payment. Please do not continue payment if a VAT figure is shown when it should not be. Please instead contact JEL via email to raise a query. Please note that as a VAT exempt customer, it is your responsibility to stop using the VAT number should it become obsolete. To continue using a VAT number that is not current is a criminal offence. Requests to refund VAT on purchases made where no valid VAT number has been entered during the checkout process will not be accepted.



Can I come and collect my order?

Unfortunatelly not at the moment.  In order to keep our customer satisfaction to the higher standard we focus on processing orders and delivering our goods via shipping.


My order has been shipped but has not arrived - what has happened to it?

If it was a trackable form of shipping, please look for the tracking number that will have been sent to you as part of your order dispatch note. Once you have this number you can find out information about your package from the tracking section of the ELTA Mail tracking website (  Regretfully, if your package is still missing, we cannot be held responsible if it is not insured.


When will my order be shipped?

At the moment we only allow to fill your shopping basket with products in stock.  So, withing 2 working days, the goods will be dispatched.  If for whatever reason your order cannot be shipped you will be notified by us via email and you will given the option to wait for the issue to be resolved or get a refund.


Do you accept cheques?

No, we do not accept cheques.


I am a company based in the EU, but outside of Greece - How can I avoid paying VAT?

Please register as a customer online and then send us your VAT number via email for validity and to enable your account for VAT free purchasing. You may then purchase items using the online system as normal. ***DO NOT*** place an order if VAT is still shown at checkout. We may charge you an administration fee of up to 30 Euros to refund any VAT you have mistakenly paid.

Please note that under EU law, you are required to notify us immediately if your VAT number becomes invalid or goes out of use. We will report purchases made using an invlaid VAT number to your country's police or banking authorities.


How safe is standard post?

ELTA Mail standard post is very good considering its low cost. Packages do get lost however.  We use standard shipping (low cost) with tracking number to be on the safe side.


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