Comb generator CG-1

Comb generator CG-1
Comb generator CG-1 Comb generator CG-1 Comb generator CG-1 Comb generator CG-1 Comb generator CG-1 Comb generator CG-1
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One picture is worth 1000 words. So here is a video showing the product at work.


User manual:  CG-1 User manual v1.0



The comb generator produces thousands of harmonics between the selected (calibrated) frequencies. The signals falling close to the calibrated frequencies are most of the times quite similar in terms of amplitude level.


Here is a table with the selected frequencies for calibration, and corresponding power level for each one of them.  Note that the power levels and frequencies are slightly different for each individual unit.  This is why every unit is carefully measured and calibrated in our lab during production.  A printed sticker is attached on each individual unit to show the power level for each calibrated signal.


Here is a typical calibration table.  Of course, every unit has its own calibrated signals 


Frequency (MHz),   Power (dBm)    Band that can be tested

1.900                             -46.6                         160m

3.600                             -42.1                         80m

7.100                             -38.9                         40m

10.001                           -38.2                         30m

14.101                           -38.1                         20m

18.001                           -38.1                         17m

21.201                           -38.5                         15m

24.801                           -38.9                         12m

28.401                           -39.7                         10m

51.003                           -46.7                         6m

90.005                           -52.3                         FM broadcast

125.906                         -59.0                         AIR band

144.907                         -66.6                         2m VHF

435.022                         -83.9                         70cm UHF

1295.967                       -97.2                         23cm 

1420.373                       -98.0                         Hydrogen line  (~1.44GHz is usually calibrated in latest units)



NOTE:  Any cables, attenuator or other testing equipment shown in the photographs are not included with Comb Generator. For example, you may use your own Attenuators to attenuate the generator's signal down to say S1 or S2 (on S-meter).



  • Battery operated unit. (9v battery on a battery holder for firm mounting)
  • 50Ω RF Output
  • Small, aluminum die cast box with reliable switch and quality SMA connector mounted on the box.
  • RF shielded design to keep unwanted noise out and being able to produce very low power harmonic signals.
  • Frequency range of harmonic content:  Every 100KHz from 100KHz up to 1.42GHz (to cover all HF, VHF, UHF, SHF bands)
  • Power level range for calibrated signals:  Between -38dBm and -100dBm usually.  (differs a little bit between each serialized unit)
  • Power level accuracy within 1.5dBm  (each generator has its own serialized calibration sticker with its measurements). Calibration is performed with the use of a lab calibrated 2cm rigit cable.
  • Frequency stability:  20ppm crystal oscillator reference at 20MHz.
  • Output signals are immune to supply voltage deviation due to battery draining.
  • Being able to provide >100 hours of service with an alkaline 9v battery


You can read about the thoughts behind the development of this product in our blog.

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